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Distribyted is an alternative torrent client. It can expose torrent files as a standard FUSE mount or webDAV endpoint and download them on demand, allowing random reads using a fixed amount of disk space.

Distribyted Screen Shot


User Interfaces

Distribyted supports several ways to expose the files to the user or external applications:


  • FUSE: Other applications can access to torrent files directly as a filesystem.
  • WebDAV: Applications that supports WebDAV can access torrent files using this protocol. It is recommended when distribyted is running in a remote machine or using docker.
  • HTTP: A simple HTTP interface for all the available routes. You can acces it from http://[HOST]:[PORT]/fs

Expandable File Formats

Distribyted can show some kind of files directly as folders, making it possible for applications read only the parts that they need. Here is a list of supported, to be supported and not supported formats.


  • zip: Able to uncompress just one file. The file is decompressed to a temporal file sequentially to make possible seek over it. The decompression stops if no one is reading it.
  • rar: Thanks to rardecode experimental branch library, it is possible to seek through rar files.
  • 7zip: Thanks to sevenzip library, it is possible to read 7z files in a similar way that is done using the zip implementation.

To Be Supported

  • xz: Only worth it when the file is created using blocks. Possible library here and here.

Not Supported

  • gzip: As far as I know, it doesn't support random access.

Last update: 2021-11-29
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